Swargarohoner Sandhane

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There are many books on mountaineering & trekking in Bengali. Of these, one interesting point to note is that while the books on the former raises awe and respect among the readers, the books belonging to the latter genre are usually more popular, probably as the general readers can identify themselves with the characters undergoing the trekking. Asis Kumar Chatterjee’s first book on trekking in Bengali (TAPOBHUMI TAPOVANE) was perhaps a best seller not only for this reason, but for writing in a new style which blended History, Geography, Geology, Science, Mythology & Adventure in a perfectly balanced mixture. The author’s second book of this genre, named SWARGAROHANER SANDHANE (In search of Swargarohan, i.e. the mythical journey to the heaven of the famed Pandavas of the Indian epic Mahabharata) is a heady mixture of the same ingredients which describes a trekking along the Har-Ki-Doon valley & beyond in the Garhwal Himalayas in a modern and trendy language which has become the hallmark of the author.


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