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The night is perfectly still. Twinkling stars blink from the cloudless sky. The world is fast asleep. The ‘Digriya Hill’ beside Deoghar is covered with dense forest. Nobody knows what hour of the night it is! Suddenly comes a loud rumbling noise like a clap of thunder. …Then? Is it the beginning of a story of mystery and thrill? No, it is a forgotten episode of India’s struggle for freedom against the British Raj. The activities of armed revolutionaries commenced with the sacrifice of a juvenile. It is an account of those who sacrificed their lives at the gun-point and the scaffold with a smile on their lips. Story of this sacrifice begins in 1902 and ends in the struggle of Te-Bhaga in 1948. Along the way it narrates about the Naval mutiny, Matangini Hajra and many other similar topics. Its a real page turner for the reader.


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