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Today, eighty years ago.
February 17, 1936, a wonderful story appeared in newspapers on Monday. King Features Syndicate comics a little different from the average of the ten.
A millionaire play boy named Jimmy Wales. He’s relaxed public, a young wealthy. But the night becomes the criminal restraint, sick Savior. Spain’s El Sid, King Arthur England, Kipling’s Mowgli, and the character was created by Lee Falk joroke mixed one.Interestingly, this was a praspekatara Jimmy’s ancestors. He came to us in search of fortune in Bengal, in 1525. So in that sense, his son Jimmy Bengali. 1936’s The Strip to
But after so many people told where Batman is matched. Fak changed overnight as a result of an overhaul of comics. Kit was Jimmy Walker, in his home in the dense forests of Africa. Falk could not spend all the love for the change. So …..
The new address is one of the legendary Phantom of the State “Bengal”.fight Jimmy Singh Brotherhood, a mafia group.
The rest of the story, and there is a lot more exciting things in this book on the history of comics.


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