Banglaye Gana Andoloner Choy Dashak(Vol 1)

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The partition of Bengal in 1947 completely changed the lives of the people of West Bengal. The severe crisis of the bifurcated cast entity of East Pakistan and West Bengal, the two states of two different countries, brought about a revolution in the socio-economic and political point of view of the Bengalis. The Communist Party Of India had already been established by this time. The political mass movement in support of leftism took place alongwith the freedom movement of the country. The internal clash of National Congress took a pervasive shape at that time. In the meantime the second world war, communal riots and the devastating famine caused differences between the Congress and the Left parties. On the whole the situation was extremely agitated in the life of Bengal between 1930 and 1970. The background and the incidents of the overall political movements in those Six decades is the basic idea of this book in two volumes. The book includes the collection of many essays of renowned essayists and political personalities of different periods as well as periodic information and even documents collected from the Government archive


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