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Anu O Byapto Sikshan Paddhati-(DEIED Part-1)



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Anu O Byapto Sikshan Paddhati-(DEIED Part-1)

P-01 : Pre-Internship : Process Based

Skill Enhancement

Maximum Marks = 100

Internal = 50

External = 50

Pass Marks = 50% of Full Marks in each of the External & Internal Evaluation

Student Contact = 90 hours

The list of the teaching skills, prescribed by the expert commitee of the WBBPE on the curriculum, syllabli & text book development for elementary teacher education in West Bengal.

Evaluation : Internal & External

50 marks for Internal Evaluation

Demonstration of 5 lessons on the selected five skills : 5 x 5 marks = 25

Observation and reflection : 5 x 2 marks = 10

Preparation of Lesson Notes : 15 marks

50 marks for external evaluation

5 lesson notes in the note book on five selected skills : 5×4 marks=20

Demonstration on two skills before the external evaluator : 2×15 marks=30

The skills to be demonstrated will be selected by the external evaluator on the spot.

Note :

Pre-Internship-Process Based Skill Enhancement will require the student-teachers to practice the selected teaching skills in small components within the institution under the guidance and counseling of the teacher-educators
The entire lot of such student-teachers will be divided into small groups, consisting of 10 members each
III. The teacher-educator will first demonstrate a skill and ask the student-teachers to observe, reflect and critically comment on the presentation

Then, each student will perform on the same skill. While one performs, others will observe, reflect and critically comment on the presentation
The process will be repeated in other four skills also
During this process-based-skill-enhancement-activities, the student-teachers will be assessed continuously and comprehensively as per the guidelines, given
VII. For external evaluation, evaluators will be required to evaluate as per the guidelines given.

VIII. In all cases and for all practical purposes, evaluation in both internal and external modes must have consistency in quantification

P-03 : School Internship Including

Practice Teaching

Practice Teaching :

Practice teaching will be held in the second year. Minimum 40 lessons should be practiced in 45 days consuming 150 study hours. This means at least 3 hours will be used every day of the allotted 45 days. At least ten lessons should be executed in each of the four method subjects (Language-1, Language-2, and Mathematics & Environmental Science).

The following marking scheme for assessment of performances of the student-teachers in the face-to-face mode will be accepted with effect from 2014-16 session.

Macro : 200 marks

(100 for internal evaluation & 100 for external evaluation)

The following marking scheme for assessment of performances of the student-teachers in the face-to-face in the area of Macro teaching will be followed with effect from 2014 session.

Internal Evaluation of 100 marks on macro lessons

shall be mainly on the basis of the

Planning lessons (Lesson note book) : (over all) 10 marks

Use of learning teaching materials, interactive devices to ensure participationof all the students (overall) 10 marks

Critical Observation of delivery of Lessons of others in the group (overall) 10marks

Executing Four Lessons on four subject-areas

In real class room situation 60 marks

Overall Participation 10 marks

For External Evaluation of Macro Lessons-100 marks

Four Final Lesson notes on four subject-areas within the periphery of primary education (other than those assessed internally) : 4×5 marks

Classroom-demonstration on any two, one of which must be on language)

: 2x 40 marks

(Introducing the topic : 5, Ensuring learner-centricity : 10, Use of Teaching Learning Materials : 10 addressing students’ problems and providing support on the spot : 10, Over all class room management and conducting activities : 5)

Edited By-R Bhattacharya


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