Amar Prem-Katha

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Those who captivated us by writing love stories for a long time, whose magical touch of writing perfumed the middle ages, did they encounter love in their personal lives? Did they have fascinated lady-love? It has been found that each of them had a real-life sweet-heart. Sometimes she was his own wife, sometimes it was an extramarital affair. That profound love made him alive, flared him up, and inspired him to write. As this is true for the famous poets of Vaishnab Padabalee like Joydev, Vidyapati, Chandidas, it is also true for the narrative-writers like Dasharathi Ray or tappa-composers like Nidhu Babu. From the great poet Kalidasa to great-hearted Raja Rammohan Ray of modern times, sixteen eminent personalities were struck by the arrow of cupid to enter the eternal circle of love and make love stories of their own. The book contains thrilling accounts of those eternal love affairs.


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