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Suggestions to improve your website

Suggestions to improve your website

Your site is good and there is a facility to search books by

Publisher wise as well as Writer wise.
But i think two more suggestion to improve your website

1. There should be a provision for maintaining Wishlist wherein one can keep the books he wants to buy in future. Presently, you have only one option i.e. all the books are to be kept in my cart only. But in Flipcart as well as in other online vendor have the facility to keep a provision for maintaining Wishlist. In Wishlist I can keep the books which i will buy in future.
2. You also keep a third option to find the books: i.e. find books by searching title

3. I don't know the reason but in your website writer Prithiiraj Sen has only five books but there are many other books written by Prithiraj Sen

Testimonial By: ALOK DAS  — KOLKATA, WB, India
Monday 25 January, 2016