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Swapnei Emon Hay

Publisher: Patra Bharati
ISBN: 81-8374-082-0
Milan has arrived a strange place—‘Bindu’. At Bindu, nobody utters the truth. They present the lie in the facade of truth. Milan meets a girl Jhinuk. She lies spontaneously. Milan is supposed to reach Daruchini Island. He has got a job over there—the caretaker of the Island. The Girl instructs him to board the cycle to reach there. She will take him to the ferry-place of the river. Then ?... Thus Samaresh Majumdar inaugurates a sizzling, romantic novel. Daruchini Island, deaf and dumb man, a paralysed ship, Milan and Jhinuk follow an series of enchanting incidents. Readers turn the pages at a breakneck speed to land in a different world. Here, for the readers, comes an extraordinary novel “Swapnei Emon Hay” where love-affection-eroticism-nature embrace each other to produce a queerness.

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