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Supermaner Pita

Publisher: Patra Bharati
Author: Binod Ghoshal
ISBN: 978-81-8374-582-6
সুপারম্যানের পিতা
- Sri Tapan Kumar mentored several notable personalities of Bengali literature for several decades but his legacy stands forgotten now. A literature enthusiast, Sayantan pays him a visit but what he encounters is beyond his belief- mysterious occurrences that defy logic start unfolding in front of Sayantan’s eyes. Are these for real or are these Sayantan’s delusion? With Supermaner Pita, Binod Ghoshal pens a first-of-its-kind pulp fiction novel in Bengali that is a compulsive page turner. The 9 other stories in this book are written in the author’s signature fast-paced style and mirror contemporary times.

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