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Publisher: Patra Bharati
Writer: Sunil Gangopadhyay
ISBN: 81-8374-071-5
A confused young soul—Bilwa, wants to lead a solitary life. Unemployed—reads poetry, writes poetry, and even when in rally, sets fire on tram. His didi is in love with someone, and also doing a service. Bilwa tends to get annoyed easily as well as the sensation of sex turns his body warm. But when, Shyama, at his friend Debojyoti’s house, urges to be loved amorously, Bilwa hesitates. What will he do ?.. Four middle aged couples, Achin-Mamata, Chanchal-Shiuli, Prabir-Ruby, Bijan-Bhashwati. All of them are very close friends. They go for ‘adda’ together, drink together, don’t hesitate to joke on each others’ wives. Suddenly the friendship meets a disaster as other come to know, Achin tortures Mamata regularly. Mamata remains silent because as they have a son. A further investigation explores Achin’s extramarital relationship with Dipti. Then ?... Thus men and women exhibit psychic complications and face ups and downs in their lives, superbly portrayed by Sunil Gangopadhyay in two brilliant novels “Bhalomando Dwidhadando” and “Ora charjon ebong se.”

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