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Atindriya Jagater Aahban

Publisher: Joymatara Publishers
Writer: Tarashis Gangopadhay
This book narrates the exciting experiences of the author & his relatives while talking with the AIRY SPIRITS of the world of death. This book contains such mystical experiences on the planchet, seance as well as in the midst of different events of life. this book narrates how the author's SADHAK father attained SIDDHI in Mahapith Tarapith, how he brought his dead mother's soul from life beyond death through kriya yoga, how he met a poor soul in Balurghat tormented by a FAKIR. This book also narrates the experience of witnessing RABINDRANATH TAGORE's soul giving interview to the author's relative thru the seance & this interview was heard in BENGALI through the lips of an ENGLISH GYPSY WOMAN in London, who didn't know even a word of Bengali.

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