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A much desired effort

Friday 03 November, 2017

Being a book lover, this is what I was looking for since a long time. An online book store keeping Bengali books in mind.
And where else can this be centred, except in Kolkata - the biggest warehouse of Bengali books spread all over the city.
It takes one a lot of time and patience to browse through the city and get the book you are looking for - here BOIMELA is doing an efficient task by extending their help with extreme care,
Kudos to you... I convey my best wishes...
Testimonial By: Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay — kolkata, WB, India

Very good

Sunday 29 October, 2017

The books I ordered are really nice..except a few most of them are available online. Though the delivery is a bit slow, want it to get improved..but it's worth waiting a bit. The service of customer care is also really nice, very friendly and cooperating.I look forward to buy more books and magazines in future from boimela only.
Testimonial By: Mamata Bhattacharya — Bhubaneswar, OR, India

A miniature of College Street

Saturday 14 October, 2017

Sitting here in Bangalore, it is very difficult to get information of Bengali books, their publications, availability, and getting delivered at your doorstep. Boimela is serving our purposes. I was looking for a book and contacted a few booksellers from my native. All of them failed to provide correct information. I have two libraries - one in my native and the other in Bangalore. I spend in Lacs every year on books. So, for me purchase is frequent and rapid. If i get to know a book i want is available in any condition, I don't mind of spending any amount of money for it. but, who will provide you the information? Yes, boimela is providing to some extent. Though I had to pay extra amount (Rs. 168 to be precise) for logistics, I got it delivered. before that, quick response over FB chat, updating with latest information of order are a few to mention. Definitely, I...
Testimonial By: Anindya Sundar Biswas — Bangalore, KA, India

Why and Why-Not of shopping from

Friday 13 October, 2017

Why: 1. Good collection
2. Convenient and Hassle-Free

1. No discount, college street offers minimum 20%, if you really want to compete, at-least offer 10% discount on all books, after all we are already paying additional shipping charges!

2. No book description- there should be at-least a short description and photos of the index pages, otherwise how will we decide whether we want to buy it or not?

Last word: For those who don't care about the price, this is a real boon, you can get almost any bengali book from here, the collection is commendable. But needs to go a long way to improve their site in terms of product description and encouraging their customers, if they really want to stick to the business.
Testimonial By: Pritha Sen — Baranagar, KOL, India

Good way to get bengali books. Delivery charges need to be reduc

Friday 06 October, 2017

It is good way to get bengali books in Mumbai. The sarodiya series are available in Mumbai, but not all of them and also they come out very late, so ordering them online makes sense, since they get sold out pretty fast.

But the delivery charges are bit too much. Near about 35% of the total order value was charged as delivery charge. If only the delivery charges were reduced, this site would boom.
Testimonial By: Santosh Thakur — Mumbai, MH, India

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