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Publisher: Kishore Bharati
Writer: Saradindu Banerjee
ISBN: 81-8374-006-5
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Apparently Nishanath Babu appealed detective Byomkesh Bakshi to run a trivial investigation. But after beginning the investigation at Golap Colony, suddenly Nishanath Babu deceased due to heart attack ! But the corpse, having socks even in summer stimulated the suspense. Bijay, Nepal, Bhujangadhar, Damayanti, Banalaxmi, Mukul—all appeared to be mysterious, slightly incongruous. Moreover, the cithern plays its music from the doctor’s room surprisingly even under the terror of death. What can be the source of this romantic mood amid such perils of death? All these evoke nerve-tingling suspense and mystery regarding Nishanath Babu’s death. Is it a normal death at all ? Saradindu’s famous detective Byomkesh Bakshi finds himself tangled in a new mystery case. The novel was filmed by Satyajit Ray starring Uttam Kumar.

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