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Publisher: Patra Bharati
Writer: Anish Deb
ISBN: 81-8374-067-7
Suranjan Majumdar, a daring journalist reaches a rural village near Purulia to compose a sensational story on rebirth. But he meets a mysterious death there. His deformed deadbody is carried to Kolkata by his close journalist friend Mihir Ganguly. And here comes the twist in the tale. Strange men start to theat over phone and want back Majumdar’s diary desperately. His daughter Antara decides to find out the murderers, the perils and dangers can not stop her. She takes Mihirda and her pal Jhimli to Baghmundi to unfold the mystery. Though series of mysterious incident increase the darkness but at last the novel concludes with a successful unravelling of the mystery. Thus the mysteriously, shivering novel “Bhaypatal” twists and turns its way through smoke and mirrors until, Anish Deb produces a surprise ending.

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